The Sponsor Social at Year One Finals

Many people come to Hollywood to find their dreams. At the EcoCAR 2 Sponsor Social, students who are headed for graduation came prepared with resumes to talk with representatives from sponsoring organizations in an effort to land their dream jobs. The students met with the sponsors during an evening spent among the trade show displays, both those of the sponsoring organizations and those of the student teams. The trade show provided the perfect backdrop for an exchange of information.

Many AVTC students have gone into the automotive field to embark on exciting careers founded on experience gained from the competition. In fact, over the 24-year history of the competitions, more than 15,000 students have taken a variety of jobs in the field. EcoCAR 2 students are primed to go directly into the automotive field because they receive so much hands-on experience as they work outside of the classroom.  The competition provides a unique learning experience for students, as sponsors who donate hardware and software often also donate the time of their employees who are on call to answer questions and provide guidance to the student teams.

The U.S. Department of Energy and General Motors were represented during the evening as headline sponsors, along with 25 other sponsors who provide tools, expertise and financial support to make this collaborative program a success.

The impact that this competition has on the future of America’s automotive engineers, and in turn, the industry, cannot be underestimated.  EcoCAR 2 not only produces bright talent, but makes dreams come true for these students, and what better place to do that than Hollywood?