The University of Wisconsin Hybrid Team Receives its EcoCAR

UW's EcoCAR in the school's homecoming parade

  The hybrid team at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has been operating in high gear since the arrival of its EcoCAR project vehicle on October 8th. The team’s GM-donated vehicle will be the basis for its engineering efforts to further advance vehicle technology. Reducing petroleum consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, without compromising vehicle performance, is the goal..

The hybrid team is putting the EcoCAR to good use around the Madison area, promoting the use of personal transportation with minimal environmental impact. The team was recently featured in a local news broadcast that described the goals of the EcoCAR Challenge and the work being done to support a sustainable transportation future. The team also showed off the new vehicle at UW’s Homecoming Parade, with a big EcoCAR banner and free water bottles for the crowd

The UW EcoCAR team is now coming up with more ways to expand its outreach program by posting updates on Facebook and Twitter. There is plenty of work to do and the team is excited about getting the wrenches turning as they begin modifying the EcoCAR in search of ways to improve efficiency and reduce emissions.

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