The UVic Outreach Coordinator’s Action Packed Spring Workshop

The University of Victoria’s outreach coordinator Jason Mayard just returned from two very busy weeks in Ann Arbor. The Spring Workshop was a fantastic chance for Jason to meet the other outreach coordinators to get a feel for how UVic’s outreach measured up to the other teams.  More than a simple workshop, the meeting at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency was essentially an opportunity to gather people together and share experiences.

During the workshop, Jason had an interesting experience presenting to a classroom of 7th grade students because it was the first time he had served as a teacher. Jason successfully adapted his message to the younger audience and apart from coming away feeling several years older, found teaching the excited kids very rewarding.

Jason with a group of students

Presenting the sponsor success story to the competition judges with a business background was another challenge for the UVic outreach coordinator. Jason’s talk about Hardware-in-the-Loop, virtual models, and the almighty cutting-edge controllers got technical at times, but he was well-prepared to promote the team effectively. Jason became much more confident after sitting down with the engineers and learning a great deal about the technical concepts of the EcoCAR. He proved such a quick study that he has almost considered switching to engineering studies…almost.

The UVic outreach coordinator was thankful to the organizers, especially those involved in the outreach program, for making themselves available to help and support the OCs from the different teams. He will continue to lead the team’s marketing effort as they head down the home stretch of the EcoCAR competition!