The Year One Faculty Advisory Board Meets at West Virginia University

Earlier this month, organizers from Argonne National Laboratory, General Motors, and the U.S. Department of Energy came together to discuss the EcoCAR 3 program with the Year One Faculty Advisory Board (FAB).

The FAB consists of four EcoCAR faculty advisors who come from a mix of veteran and incoming teams involved in Advanced Vehicle Technology Competitions (AVTC), including Patrick Currier, Embry-Riddle; Paul Puzinauskas, University of Alabama; Brian Fabien, University of Washington; and Doug Nelson, Virginia Tech.

The College of Engineering and Mineral Sciences at West Virginia University. Photo by West Virginia University

The College of Engineering and Mineral Sciences at West Virginia University. Photo by West Virginia University

Hosted at West Virginia University (WVU) in Morgantown, West Virginia, the FAB provided critical academic input on Year One of the competition series, before the organizers begin implementing the changes this academic year. The Fall FAB meeting covered a variety of topics, including the Non-Year Specific Rules and the Year One Event Rules, as well as the upcoming workshops and other major events scheduled this year. The FAB also briefly discussed new additions to the competition, including the project management and innovation swimlanes.

In addition, AVTC Program Director Kristen De La Rosa was able to meet with university administration, including the Dean of Engineering at WVU, to discuss the participation the university’s participation in AVTCs, which dated back to the first Methanol Marathon in 1988. The West Virginia University team was also able to sit down with organizers for some quality discussion time as well in the various swimlanes for EcoCAR 3.

“West Virginia University is very excited to be back in the EcoCAR competition.  AVTCs are the most comprehensive student design competitions in existence and prepares students well for a career in various aspects of the automotive industry, from engineering to project management to public relations,” said Andrew Nix, faculty advisor for WVU. “Having the organizers from Argonne, General Motors and Department of Energy here at WVU for the three-day faculty advisory board meeting provided our faculty and students a look into the development process of the competition and gave the students a great opportunity to meet the organizers.”

The FAB will meet again in January at the University of Alabama for the Winter FAB and the organizers would like to thank West Virginia University for hosting the Fall FAB!