The Year Three Competition Begins!

The EcoCAR 3 Year 3 competition has officially begun, and the 16 university teams have brought their eco-friendly Camaro prototypes to the General Motors Milford Proving Grounds to test the vehicles using the professional research facilities.

The two-week competition kicks off with a series of safety and technical inspections to qualify the vehicles for on-road testing, including dynamic safety, acceleration/performance testing and energy consumption events. As each team’s vehicle passes the safety tech inspection, they are then allowed to begin the on-course dynamic events, and these will last throughout the week.  On Thursday, the competition will heat up as the team will go head-to-head in a thrilling Autocross event with 0-60 speed and handling tests. The event allows the teams to show off how adept their vehicles are handling a real-world driving situation.

On May 21, teams will advance to stage two of the competition in Washington D.C.  There they will take part in technical, communications, and project management presentations, highlighting their activities from the year to panels of expert judges. The competition will conclude with an awards ceremony on May 25 where more than $100K in industry-funded awards will be presented.

Be sure to check out the Green Garage Blog to hear what the students are doing each day, as well as the progress of their vehicles!