Tip: How to Engineer a Green Culture in State College

Written by Donghee Lee, Communications Manager for Penn State

Sure, engineers of the Penn State Advanced Vehicle Team can engineer a green vehicle. But does the Happy Valley community know our engineers can design a green culture, too?

To spread awareness of the EcoCAR 3 message, the team decided to take action to promote sustainability –hosting a community service event to clean up State College. Not only are our engineers capable of engineering a hybrid Camaro, but also an eco-friendly State College community!

Just like the fast-running Camaro, our engineers do not slow down at work. However, the team decided to take a day off on a Sunday afternoon to rake leaves at Sunset Park. The team collaborated with Centre Region Parks and Recreation, who supported us by renting us raking supplies and promising partnership with us for future events.

To show off an eco-friendly lifestyle – and drive-style, the team displayed a Camaro from a local dealership as well as the past competition vehicle. In the middle of the two vehicles stood the State College Mayor, Elizabeth Goreham, who joined the team to celebrate the event. The event commenced as the Mayor made an official opening remark, where she shared her experience of driving a hybrid-electric vehicle.

“It was quiet. We liked the fun of looking for recharging stations, and we especially were proud of having no exhaust of leaving our tailpipe,” said Mayor Goreham.

One of the technical goals of EcoCAR 3 is to reduce criteria tailpipe emissions – and this is what also astonished the Mayor. The Mayor certainly appreciated the team’s efforts to design a Camaro that meets energy and environmental goals, while considering cost and innovation.

PSU Event1

“The team is translating the definition of EcoCAR into eco-action,” said Mayor Goreham. “Advanced Vehicle Team, your EcoCAR 3 is truly an exciting challenge not just for the engineers but for the State College Community.”

With the support of the Mayor and the community, the team could successfully re-engineer an eco-culture that Sunday. But it is not the end – the team’s re-engineering efforts will continue throughout the four-year EcoCAR 3 competition.