University of Victoria Features General Motors in their Latest Sponsor Collaboration Video

The University of Victoria EcoCAR 2 team is always trying to innovate and educate; however, the team cannot always accomplish their goals without some help.

This year, the University of Victoria is proud to feature headline sponsor General Motors (GM) in their sponsor collaboration video. Not only has GM helped the team with the 2013 Chevrolet Malibu vehicle design and spectrometers, but it has provided great mentoring throughout the year.

Over the University of Victoria’s Advanced Vehicle Technology Competitions history, General Motors has hosted the team at their testing facilities and provided technological resources and personnel aid to help to propel the team towards a fully-functional vehicle.

In this video, team members discuss the benefits of the partnership with General Motors and the support the team receives from GM mentor Amanda Kalhous. GM’s role as an AVTC sponsor is a vital one, and the University of Victoria hopes to continue working with them in the future.