University of Washington Participates in Engineering Discovery Days Event

At the end of April, the University of Washington (UW) EcoCAR 2 team participated in University of Washington’s Engineering Discovery Days, an event geared to introduce Seattle’s youth to engineering programs at UW. As one of the exhibits at the event, the team had the opportunity to inform Seattle students, ages 10-18, about EcoCAR 2’s mission and UW’s involvement as a first-time participant in Advanced Vehicle Technology Competitions (AVTC).

Mechanical Co-Team Leader Vincent Chan gives attendees an overview of the EcoCAR

For the EcoCAR team, the goal of the event – which attracted over 9,000 guests – was to increase awareness of EcoCAR 2 at UW and of advanced green-vehicle technologies of the future. Team members gave students and parents tours around the lab, answering a wide range of technical and personal questions.

“The event was successful not in only increasing awareness of EcoCAR around the Seattle area, but also in setting a foundation for future engineers at the University of Washington. It was great to see so many kids here excited about what we are doing,” said Communications Manager Kate Kitto.

The UW team was excited to participate in the event and enjoyed talking to local Seattle youth about EcoCAR 2.