University of Wisconsin Hybrid Team Prepares for Paint

The University of Wisconsin hybrid team worked around the clock at the Kelly Moss Motorsports shop to give its vehicle a new paint job. Through the process, the team learned that the key to a successful paint job is the preparation. 
In the first week, the team completed the tear-down process. This involved careful disassembly and storage of drive train parts. The team made sure to label everything and document the process, so that the critical parts could be easily reassembled. Everything on the vehicle’s exterior that was not going to be painted was removed too. Kelly Moss Motorsports’ shop manager, Gary Kuehn, gave the team a tutorial on wet sanding a vehicle, which is critical to insure proper paint adhesion. Wet sanding is a bit messy, but results in a smooth flat finish that will readily accept automotive primer and paint.
In week two, the team completed the masking and cleaning part of the project. They even worked over Thanksgiving break to make sure the dust from the wet sanding process was cleaned off the vehicle and to tape off and mask the windows and trim. 
The finished product came out great!