University of Wisconsin is Half-Way There

Oh, we’re half-way there.

Living on a prayer.

The team is now half-way through year two finals competition. With only two full days left at the GM Proving Grounds, the team is anxiously waiting to pass safety inspection and driving the eMOO before heading to San Diego for presentations.

The morning was spent fixing leaks in the fuel system by using parts from a spare stock vehicle at the grounds. After lunch, the controls team got to work trying to communicate with the front motor controller to get the eMOO drive-able. However, the team quickly learned that they’re not in Wisconsin anymore.

Right before shipment, the team replaced the air-cooled motor with a liquid-cooled one to better prepare the eMOO for the Arizona heat. With the craziness of final exams and all-nighters in the shop, the controls hadn’t been tested yet. The controls team worked until the pits closed at 10 p.m. trying to figure out its communication problem. After a long day, the team decided the component must be faulty and will re-install its original air-cooled motor controller first thing in the morning. The eMOO’s wheels should be spinning in no-time!

In the afternoon, the Outreach Coordinators spent time at Rancho Viejo Elementary School talking to 4th, 5th and 6th graders about engineering, hybrid vehicles, energy and the EcoCAR competition. The students were very interested in the future of hybrid vehicles and many want to become engineers when they grow up! The presentation concluded with Wisconsin’s 4th grade class lined up to get photographed EcoCAR t-shirts.

Wisconsin outreach coordinators line up for a class photo with Rancho Viejo Elementary School 4th graders