Update From The Pits: Safety/Tech Inspection Progress

Congratulations to the first three teams to pass Safety/Tech Inspection. Mississippi State and Penn State officially passed their inspections  late last night, and UOIT  passed early this morning.

The UOIT team was close to passing earlier, but just kept encountering small problems that seemed to take much more time than expected to remedy. The team said they spent a lot of time wrapping wires in the correct colors of tape and making sure certain areas of the vehicle were labeled with the correct signage.

The Mississippi State team was the first team to pass Safety/Tech Inspections

Mississippi State passed the inspection slightly before Penn State, but the teams actually worked together to solve some of their problems, including controls issues. Teams shared notes and expertise to help each other along.

“Being the first to pass Safety Inspection doesn’t mean we are ahead in the competition,” said Matt Doude, team leader for Mississippi State University.  “Our biggest events are still ahead of us and there are so many awesome teams that we have to compete against.  It’s going to be tough.”

All the teams have been hard at work,  and teams from University of Victoria, North Carolina, and Wisconsin are in the queue for their safety inspection this afternoon.