UVic Helps Recruit the Next Generation of Eco-Engineers

UVic’s EcoCAR 2 team recently got the chance to participate in Faculty of Engineering High School Tour. The tour allowed Victoria High school students to come visit UVic and learn all about engineering at the University.

What was particularly interesting about this tour was the fact that it was composed of students who already had an interest in engineering. The team was surprised to see so many 8th and 9th graders with a strong passion for engineering. Not only were they interested, many of the student had already heard of UVic’s EcoCAR team and were excited about possibly joining it in the future.

Most of the afternoon was spent chatting with pizza munching teenagers, answering questions about EcoCAR 2 and the team members’ experiences. Hopefully the team managed to recruit a few fan club members that might turn out to be the next generation of leaders at UVic EcoCAR!