UVic Hosts Local High School for “Marshmallow Challenge”

Mt. Doug students compete in the marshmallow challenge

During Year Two, the UVic EcoCAR 2 team invited a Grade 9 class from Mt. Doug High School to join them in the garage. The team started off by introducing the younger students to the idea of EcoCAR, then challenged them with  some design and engineering tasks.

The focus of the day was a task called the “Marshmallow Challenge.” The students were given raw spaghetti, tape and string and told to build a tower that could support a marshmallow on the very top. Most teams managed to complete a final structure but it was a challenge for some.

A group of EcoCAR 2 team members decided to give it a go while the kids were working, and even the skilled engineers had trouble. They thought they had constructed a beautiful tower, but when they gingerly went to place the marshmallow on top, down it went! What looked so easy turned out to be very difficult.

Needless to say, the grade 9 students found it amusing that UVic team members struggled, but all in all a great day was had at the garage!