UVic Improves its EcoCAR as Dynamic Testing Begins

Throughout the last semester, the University of Victoria EcoCAR team focused its efforts on the development of its vehicle’s control systems – with quite a bit of success. One of the team’s major breakthroughs was the distribution of power from both the electric motor and internal combustion engine to each axle. This was achieved using a 2-mode transmission. Currently, the power distribution between axles can be adjusted manually, but the control system will soon be able to dynamically allocate torque depending on traction control and other system diagnostics.

The engine start and stop sequencing has been improved as well, but requires some additional work.  The team also successfully optimized its EcoCAR’s ability to sustain a charge, which has been implemented and tested on both the model and the vehicle. Using a static shifting speed, UVic has enabled the transmission to shift using a fixed gear, and the team is preparing to upgrade to a dynamic shifting speed in the near future.

UVic has started its dynamic testing using a circular stretch of road on campus. The team’s EcoCAR was able to accelerate to 55 km/h in just 3.3 seconds, but due to local speed restrictions, the 0-100 km/hr event will have to wait until EPA testing at the Spring Workshop next month.

We are excited to see the UVic team and their EcoCAR in Ann Arbor!

UVic's EcoCAR