UVic Strategizes to Recruit from All Corners of Campus

The University of Victoria EcoCAR 2 team is preparing to shout loudly over campus with a campaign targeting students in all faculties to support the team’s Business & Outreach initiatives.

Of course, any Engineering student is more than welcome to join the party in Outreach, but engineers are directed first to Control Systems, then CAD Modelling, and then Infotainment. UVic realizes that students pursuing just about any career path can easily find a fit in fulfilling Outreach deliverables and EcoCAR 2 can certainly play a role in cultivating relevant experience.

English/philosophy degree? Learn to get published and network with media. Education? Teach middle school students about environmental sciences and new technologies. Humanitarian? Learn to fundraise. The Arts? Design work and you can learn to promote yourself as an artist. Musician? Well… the team can always use a little background noise. The possibilities are truly endless in building an Outreach EcoArmy!

The problem now lies in incentives and retention on a budget. Experience is a huge incentive to participate, but a good retention plan really helps keep the flame burning and the work quality high.

Tips to Create a Great EcoCAR 2 Retention Plan

  • Get each member to provide 3-5 things that make or would make EcoCAR a fantastic place to work
  • Find out what motivates through observation.  Do people respond best to public recognition, greater responsibility, or maybe just the odd pizza party?
  • Find out what kind of personality type your members are: amiable, driver, expressive or analytical? Learning to communicate properly with these personality types does wonders for keeping them happy and to avoid clashes in communication methods that can lead to frustration.
  • Check in regularly. Is the stimulation fizzling? Are people feeling creatively stifled? What is working well?
  • Try to obtain academic credit for EcoCAR 2 projects in University coursework
  • Re-evaluate. As turnover brings in new people it will bring new requirements to motivate effectively