UVic Teams Up with Magna

The University of Victoria has been fortunate to work with competition-level sponsor Magna for the past two years of EcoCAR 2. Magna has graciously donated an Electric Powertrain Module (EPM) for teams to use as part of their architectures.  The University of Victoria’s EcoCAR 2 team has opted to use this component as a rear traction motor to provide the all-wheel drive functionality and EV capabilities of its multi-regime, series-parallel plug-in electric architecture.  The EPM is essential in the team’s architecture: It is the prime electric powered motoring device in the vehicle and is necessary for electric-only range and high power operations.

Sponsorships like Magna are essential to the success of advanced vehicle technology competitions (AVTCs). Without the tremendous level of support donated by the sponsors, the EcoCAR 2 competition would not be possible. Through Magna’s sponsorship, the UVic team has been able to get their hands on the next generation of components. The company has donated a lot of high end, interesting and technically advanced components. Not only does the team benefit from this, it provides Magna with a proving and testing ground for the technology.

Magna has given the UVic team nothing but support and encouragement throughout the competition. This was especially appreciated at EcoCAR 2 workshops and events where in-person assistance was provided by Magna’s Chief Engineer of Propulsion Systems, Brian Peaslee, Senior Manager of Advanced Development, Bob Storc, and other personnel.

The UVic team looks forward to testing the Magna EPM on the road and showcasing the product at this year’s competition. Thanks for all your support, Magna!