UW EcoCAR Presents Innovation Topic at The Atlantic “WHAT’S NEXT?” Technology Summit

Five students from the University of Washington EcoCAR team had the exciting opportunity to participate in the “WHAT’S NEXT?” technology summit hosted by The Atlantic, and presented with Boeing in celebration of their centennial year in the aerospace industry. The two day program brought together approximately 700 business executives, entrepreneurs, policymakers, students, and journalists from across the country.


75+ top university STEM students had been selected to participate and highlight their exciting advances in science and technology. The University of Washington students – Brian Magnuson, Jake Garrison, James Goin, Aman Kalia, and Joanna Mazer – engaged in student workshops and industry panels, allowing them the unique opportunity to connect with the influential attendees, as well as showcase their research in the fuel efficiency in automotive vehicles.


The highlight of the team’s attendance included a presentation from graduate student Brian Magnuson, in which he introduced the UW EcoCAR innovation topic: “Improving Fuel Economy Through Driver Prediction”. The team is attempting to reduce petroleum energy usage of a plug-in series hybrid powertrain using predicted driver characteristics. The ability to confidently understand repeated driver routes and speed habits can help identify road sections where energy is gained from changes in kinetic and potential energy. This data can be used to supplement gas portions, and provide an increase in overall energy efficiency of the vehicle.