UWAFT Explores the Future at Sustainable Energy Fair

Over the years, technologies have been developed that provide energy and improve our quality of life. However, some of these technologies have come with harmful side effects that now comprise our environmental health. On March 12th, the University of Waterloo Alternative Fuels Team (UWAFT) joined researchers, companies, community organizations, and student groups at the University of Toronto Sustainable Energy Fair (SEF) to share the team’s solutions and innovations for sustainable living.

The University of Toronto Sustainable Energy Fair

SEF’s annual, full-day event brings together exhibitors and students from all facets of sustainability including environmental studies, technology, and business. The goal of the fair is to show the community that sustainable living is easy and simple to incorporate. Guest speakers included David Naylor, President of the University of Toronto, Ingrid Stefanovic, Director of the Centre for Environment, and Bryan Karney, Chair of the Division of Environmental Engineering and Energy Systems.

Eric Mallia, UWAFT's outreach coordinator, talking about energy efficiency with attendees

UWAFT shared in the enthusiasm of various organizations and groups and discussed how to make green alternatives a reality of tomorrow. The UWAFT team would like to thank the University of Toronto for organizing such a solid event that brought together so many bright minds! The team had a blast!