UWAFT Promotes EcoCAR and Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology at EpCon 2010

The University of Waterloo’s Alternative’s Fuels Team (UWAFT) was the only student interest group to be featured at EpCon 2010, Canada’s largest student-run tech conference. UWAFT participated in the two-day conference alongside tech industry giants like RIM, Google and Microsoft. UWAFT online marketing and technical team members talked to attendees about EcoCAR: The NeXt Challenge, hydrogen fuel cell technology and social media marketing.  

At the event, UWAFT addressed questions about the team’s vehicle design and the EcoCAR competition. Attendees expressed a strong interest in UW’s alternative transportation ideas and had the opportunity to see the team’s interactive car-design Web demo  and technical poster that won 1st place at the Winter Workshop. UWAFT team members also had in-depth conversations with students and researchers about the feasibility of hydrogen fuel cell being the ultimate alternative transportion technology.

EpCon was a successful event for UWAFT. In addition to talking to the general public, the team secured media opportunities, networked with leading tech innovators, exchanged social media tips and caught up with ex-UWAFT members. A big thank you to the EpCon organizers – UWAFT will be back next year, bigger and better!