UWAFT Talks Green Automotive Technology at the Canadian International Auto Show

Thanks to an Outreach Grant from EcoCAR Gold Sponsor, Clean Cities, the University of Waterloo Alternative Fuels Team (UWAFT) was given the opportunity to exhibit at the Canadian International Auto Show at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in February. The team enjoyed talking to attendees about the importance of energy efficiency in the automotive industry with some of the world’s most car savvy individuals.

At the auto show, UWAFT asked event attendees to answer a few questions relating to the EcoCAR Challenge and green automotive technology. Click here to view the survey results. It was interesting to learn that 76% of people would be inclined to purchase an alternative fuels vehicle because it would be good for the environment.

Take a look at the team’s video from the auto show below:

What do you think the greatest opportunities and challenges are for green automotive technology?