UW’s Brian Fabien Wins the NSF Outstanding Incoming Faculty Advisor Award

Fabien (2nd from Right) and the UW Team

Every year, the National Science Foundation presents the ‘Outstanding Faculty Award’ to one incoming and one long-term AVTC faculty advisor who best promote the goals, objectives and activities related to EcoCAR at their universities.

These awards recognize faculty advisors who have successfully incorporated the EcoCAR goals, objectives, and activities into the undergraduate engineering curriculum in the areas of mechanical, electrical, manufacturing, industrial and other related engineering disciplines.  Of special importance are the benefits students receive as a result of the EcoCAR program. NSF awards each university with a $10,000 cash prize for their accomplishments.

This year, the ‘Outstanding Incoming Faculty Advisor’ award was presented to Dr. Brian Fabien of the University of Washington. Fabien demonstrated a successful balance of mentoring and educating students, establishing strong university support and growing the team and its resources to support the multi-disciplinary focus of the EcoCAR 2 program.

As a newcomer to Advanced Vehicle Technology Competitions (AVTCs), the University of Washington had to overcome the challenge of establishing the university framework for the program, including building administration and faculty support; recruiting engineering, business, and communication students; and setting up computer lab and garage space for their team. The team also had to build a knowledge-base with software and engineering tools, build relationships with industry and community partners and establish a core set of knowledge needed to execute the program deliverables.

With Dr. Fabien’s help, the team was able to overcome every obstacle thrown in its way. In the end, the team placed 5th Overall in Year One!

“The first year of the EcoCAR2 competition has been an incredible journey for the UW EcoCAR 2 team,” said Dr. Fabien. “As the faculty advisor for the UW team, I am proud of the work done by the students.

I am also very humbled by the fact the students had nominated me for the NSF Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award.  Although I am the recipient of this award, the students on the UW team all know that it is the result of their very hard work.”

Throughout the application, the UW team praised Dr. Fabien for his enthusiasm and passion for EcoCAR and the AVTC program.

“By incorporating the unique concepts of EcoCAR into the undergraduate and graduate engineering curriculums, Professor Fabien has drastically enriched the education of all engineering students at the UW,” said one of the UW students.

The National Science Foundation and EcoCAR are pleased to congratulate Dr. Fabien and the University of Washington for their hard work and dedication over the past year!