Virginia Tech Alumni Shares Advice for EcoCAR 3 Teams

Virginia Tech alumnus Jon King has always had an interest in alternative fuel and electronic vehicles. When he discovered the Hybrid Electric Vehicle Team (HEVT) during his undergraduate career, he immediately jumped at the opportunity! 

King joined HEVT in Year Two of EcoCAR: The NeXt Challenge as a controls team member. He remained with the team until the conclusion of Year One of EcoCAR 2: Plugging In to the Future in 2012 where he was co-team leader. His involvement in Advanced Vehicle Technology Competitions (AVTCs), like EcoCAR and EcoCAR 2, greatly prepared him for life after Virginia Tech.

“I would not have been successful without my experience in AVTCs. Not only did I have a degree, but I also gained real-world experience that is unavailable in a standard classroom setting,” said King. 

VT Alumni Jon King

King, far left, poses with the Virginia Tech EcoCAR 2 team.

Through his experience in AVTCs, King landed a job as a systems engineer for Vidrio Technologies, a startup company in Arlington, Virginia. Vidrio Technologies designs software for neuroscientists around the world.  Even though he no longer works in the automotive industry, King applies the knowledge and skills he gained in the AVTCs. 

“My advice to current EcoCAR 3 students is that what you put into the competition is what you will get out of it. Working with top of the line industry standard tools and components is a very unique opportunity that will impress your future co-workers. There is no better feeling than seeing all of your hard work and all-nighters come to life in a successful vehicle,” King said.