Virginia Tech Gets to Work on New GM Hybrid

cimg3611 Since the first day of classes, the Hybrid Electric Vehicle Team (HEVT) of Virginia Tech had been waiting for their vehicle. On Wednesday, September 30th, the team’s GM-donated vehicle finally arrived. The delivery truck backed up to a crowd of waiting students accompanied by a local CBS news crew. Please see the following link for local news coverage of GM donated vehicle arrival at VT:

Once the vehicle was turned over to the students, they immediately popped the hood and rolled up their sleeves. Ready and eager to get their hands dirty in the process of making the vehicle their own creation.

Jesse Alley, a senior Mechanical Engineering student was quoted saying, “this project is absolutely blood, sweat, and tears.” With the difficulty of the task at hand, 24 senior students threw themselves at the project. Now that their vehicle has arrived, it’s time to get to work!



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