Virginia Tech Gives Keynote Address at NIWeek 2010

The Hybrid Electric Vehicle Team of Virginia Tech (HEVT) received a huge honor from EcoCAR sponsor, National Instruments (NI), this summer.  Team members, Lynn Gantt and Michael Kearney, were invited to give part of the Academic Keynote For NIWeek 2010 in Austin and presented to more than 4,000 people from the industry, academic, and the technical community. This invitation was a result of Virginia Tech’s success in Year Two of the competition through the use of several National Instruments products, including LabVIEW, Veristand, and StateChart software and CompactRIO and PXI hardware.  Winning the Best Use of Graphical System Design award from National Instruments also helped the team secure the role at the conference.

The team’s presentation covered the goals of EcoCAR, the vehicle architecture, control strategy, Hardware-In-the-Loop testing, and a hardware demo showing off the driver display created by the team and HIL testing – a lot  to squeeze into a seven minute presentation! The hard work paid off and the presentation received strong applause from industry and academic professionals, and event organizers.

HEVT was joined on stage by Racing Green Endurance from Imperial College in London, England.  Soon, they will be taking their student-built electric race car 26,000 km down the Pan-American highway from Alaska to the tip of South America.  Another group from Virginia Tech, the Blind Driver Challenge Team out of the Robotics and Mechanisms Laboratory (RoMeLa) also presented at the conference.  This group of senior design students is working with NI and the National Federation for the Blind to develop a car that one day can be driven by the blind.

Check out the cool videos below from the NI Keynote address: