VT Football + VT EcoCAR = Score!

With the biggest football game of the year fast approaching, we were reminded to congratulate Virginia Tech’s football team and its impressive 11-3 record for the 2010 season. At the height of football season, it was inevitable that EcoCAR activities and football games could clash, but the effective and purposeful way that the Virginia Tech EcoCAR team used football games to promote EcoCAR was a touchdown!

Alumni and their families check out the VTRex and ask the team members about the car

For instance, the Virginia Tech EcoCAR, the VTREX (VT Range-Extended Crossover), appeared alongside the Virginia Tech Solar Decathalon Europe champion vehicle, the Lumenhaus, as focal points at the VT College of Engineering alumni tailgate back in September. Not only did the EcoCAR team members get to showcase their VTREX and answer tailgaters’ questions, but they engaged engineering alumni. The alumni in attendance were quick to offer their expertise and some even joked about returning to Virginia Tech as a student, just to be part of the EcoCAR team!

One of the outreach coordinators, Rachel, and some of the team volunteers