VT’s Alexander Keller Visits Freescale

While members of HEVT traveled to Austin for Winter Workshop, one team member was going back to his old stomping grounds. Alexander Keller, a senior electrical engineer on the team, had a co-op at Freescale, a competition-level sponsor of EcoCAR 2, during the fall 2012 semester.

“I really enjoyed working at Freescale and living in Austin,” said Alexander. “I worked on the Linux Windowing system called Wayland and learned a lot.”

The work Alexander did at Freescale included helping code event handling for Wayland. For example, anytime you click your mouse, an “event” is triggered and Wayland must be able to respond to that event. Alexander helped write the code that tells Wayland what to do with the event so that the application will work correctly.

“I never knew what Wayland was, so it was really cool to learn about the software and work with it. I also learned that Freescale creates chips that go into Kindle e-readers, aviation info-tainment and Garmin GPS products.”

Alexander not only learned about Freescale but also about Austin and Texas ways of life. He even purchased a genuine cowboy hat, which he learned is called simply “a hat” in Texas. Alexander lived in downtown Austin where he became a huge tex-mex and BBQ fan.

“The food in Austin is awesome. My favorite restaurants were Chuy’s, Torchee’s Tacos and Rudy’s Barbeque. The food trucks right across from Freescale’s building were good too,” Alexander commented.

In Year One, Alexander was known as HEVT’s Freescale guy. His work on the team’s Freescale board, which will be integrated into the dashboard of the vehicle, is in great working condition. In addition, his presentation for the Year One Freescale Innovation Award won first place.

HEVT is definitely happy to have Alexander back on the team this semester!