VT’s “Kids Tech University” gets Youngsters Involved

Can you think of a better way to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon in Blacksburg, VA than to learn about hybrid technologies? We can’t either! Recently, 450 youths and their parents did just that at the second Kids Tech University (KTU) event. KTU is a series of four workshops held on Virginia Tech’s campus from January to April that aim to cultivate young students’ interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Each event consists of a storytelling session, which is centered on answering a question about the world around us, and a hands-on component, which is where the HEVT EcoCAR team and numerous other environmentally-focused organizations fit in.













Early Saturday morning, HEVT members parked the VTREX and the Challenge X vehicle from 2008 outside Lane Stadium and set up the team table in the South End Zone club boxes. The indoor exhibit featured several new hybrid toy cars that HEVT plans to use to teach kids about how a hybrid works. The toy cars were a huge hit and the kids as well as their parents walked away with information about hybrid cars and engineering opportunities like EcoCAR. Thanks, KTU, for allowing EcoCAR to participate in such an awesome event!