University of Washington

Our Plan

University of Washington EcoCAR is building a series plug-in hybrid electric vehicle that runs on E85 fuel. UW EcoCAR aims to have a 99% production ready vehicle by Spring of year 4.  This production ready vehicle will be driven by two 200kW electric motors coupled with an in house planetary gearbox designed to provide a peak torque of 4200Nm. The 18.9 kWh energy storage system and generator system are designed to extend the range of the vehicle. Testing will continue during year 4 up until the final competition in May.

Technical goals

  • Ride and Handling
    • Implement a torque vectoring system to improve lateral dynamics
  • Energy and Emissions
    • Optimizing generator system to improve mileage and lower emissions
  • Consumer Appeal
    • Install advanced driver assistance systems to improve driver experience