Wayne State Commissions Energy Storage System in Year Two

WSURegardless of what is going on in life or school, Wayne State’s EcoCAR 2 members always put their best foot forward when it comes to completing a goal.

Project manager Idan Regev and a handful of other Hybrid Warriors spent the month prior to Year Two Competition working toward the completion of the Energy Storage System (ESS).  With A123’s final approval for commissioning, the Warriors finished in the first week in May.

The team also hit a milestone prior to Year Two Competition when it was able to close contactors, which is similar to turning the battery system on but without anything connected.  Without properly closed contactors, the ESS is unable to function. A functioning ESS is essential because it ultimately powers the rear-wheel-drive, lights and many other main functions within the car.

With the deadline to competition approaching, the team’s ESS was built and was able to be charged and hooked up to the electric motor and air conditioning unit. The team then worked on charging and hooking up the electric motor and air conditioning. From a battery point of view, receiving approval is like “crossing the finish line,” said Wayne State EcoCAR 2 team leader and chief engineer Kevin Snyder.

With the team’s battery pack installed and approved, the team was able to successfully run their battery at the Year Two Competition. The Wayne State team is excited to refine their vehicle during the next academic year and looks forward to Year Three!