Our Plan

For the EcoCAR 3 competition, our main goal to build a 2016 Chevrolet Hybrid Camaro.  Wayne State University has worked to design a Pre-Transmission Parallel (P2) Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV).  The hybrid powertrain of the architecture selected by the team consists of a GM 136kW 2.4L LEA internal combustion engine (ICE) running on E85 coupled through an actuated clutch to a 64kW AF-130 GKN axial flux electric motor (EM).  The ICE and EM, both located in the engine compartment, are coupled in line to a GM 8-speed longitudinal transmission.  The GKN electric motor is driven by an RMS PM150DX motor controller.  The vehicle energy storage system (ESS) is located in the trunk and consists of a 10.7kWh Bosch battery pack, with a nominal voltage of 390V.  A BRUSA on-board charger allows for charging from the grid.  Currently, the team is working on integrating all the above components into the vehicle in order to begin testing and optimization.

Technical goals

The overall team strategy is reflected in the criteria that drove the completion of the design stage:

  1. Design a reliable hybrid vehicle and to achieve the buyoff percentage target for each competition year
  2. Design the main and auxiliary mechanical powertrain components using the "design for manufacturing" approach and to simplify the fabrication and integration stage
  3. Retain the Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) configuration for the hybrid Camaro in order to preserve the characteristic features of this iconic American muscle car
  4. Meet the competition requirements in terms of Vehicle Technical Specifications (VTS) with a particular emphasis on reducing the overall Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and energy consumption
  5. Promote the intellectual development and involvement of new members through the creation of a modular task structure that can enable the parallel development of the vehicle design