We Project Success!

Today’s blog features Rich and Dave from EarthPM and their inside look into the project management session at the upcoming Kickoff Workshop.


EarthPM is eagerly anticipating working with the new EcoCAR 3 program.  The main reason for our excitement is rooted in the idea that project management (PM) has been given increased recognition in this format, with the inclusion of a project manager as a distinct position on each team.  To us, this is validation of what most of us already knew – which is that EcoCAR is a project, with a definitive start and finish, well-defined objectives, and contributions from a wide variety of disciplines which must be coordinated well in order to produce results.

So we are psyched to be able to work with the core project managers from the 16 North American universities, making sure that:

  • The project managers really understand the role they took on.
  • Those PMs get the foundational skills and tools they need to make them more effective in that role.
  • The project teams know what to expect and how to best contribute to their EcoCAR 3 effort

EarthPM, which is made up of Dave Shirley, PMP and Rich Maltzman, PMP, has not been idle since the last EcoCAR workshop.  Since then, we’ve continued to hone our skills both in PM and in transferring PM knowledge, taking on teaching assignments at Boston University, Curry College, University of Massachusetts/Boston, and at companies such as Eink and BiogenIDEC.  We’ve also continued to be active in the intersection of sustainability and PM, presenting at APCON in Costa Rica, IPMA World Congress in the Netherlands, and working on a follow-up book to Green Project Management.

So you can’t blame us for being optimistic and looking forward very much to working with faculty advisors, sponsors, and of course, the students to get them amped up and ready to lead their EcoCAR 3 project teams.  See you in Novi!