Welcome to the ADAS Workshop!


Today we kick off the ADAS workshop in Austin, where students working on their teams’ camera based vision processing systems will receive specialized training from the workshop, which is being hosted by NXP at their facility in Austin, TX.

The students will participate in a two-day-long deep dive training intended to familiarize them with the NXP hardware they will be using this year for their ADAS systems. This system is used to detect and track vehicles on the road, allowing their Camaro to navigate through traffic more safely and efficiently. During the training, teams will walk through step-by-step examples, learning how to send and receive messages on their NXP hardware, implement and tune features of their vehicle detector in MATLAB, and deploy algorithms to the NXP system.


At this year’s competition, judges will be testing the teams’ vision systems by driving their ADAS-equipped Camaros through a series of maneuvers designed to emulate real traffic scenarios.

“NXP is excited to host the EcoCAR3 ADAS workshop on our Oak Hill campus in Austin, TX,” said Roger Keen, ADAS Product Manager at NXP. “The workshop will help students by providing them with hands-on, technical experience using NXP’s S32V technology for vision processing. We are proud to play such an essential part in the EcoCAR 3 competition.”

Check back on the Green Garage Blog for more details from inside the workshop!