Welcome to the EcoCAR 3 Year Two Competition


It’s officially Day 1 of the Year Two Competition! EcoCAR 3 teams have arrived in Yuma, AZ at the GM Desert Proving Ground (DPG) and will undergo various safety and technical inspections to qualify for on road vehicle testing. Teams will be evaluated on their vehicle’s dynamic safety, handling, and energy consumption in various events.

Teams received their Camaros in December of 2015 and have spent the last few months disassembling the existing powertrain and integrating their hybrid-electric designs into a 2016 Chevrolet Camaro. The teams have an end goal of making the vehicle even more energy-efficient without losing high-performance and safety features Camaro buyers expect.

Now, teams will be putting their work to the test at the Year 2 competition. After a comprehensive Vehicle Design Review, teams will travel to San Diego, CA for the second stage of competition. In San Diego, teams will present over a dozen technical, communications and project management presentations about their work to judges. Stay tuned as we continue to share videos, photos and what teams are up to throughout competition on the Green Garage Blog.

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