Welcome to Year Two Fall Workshop at MathWorks

Today marks the official first day of the Year Two Fall Workshop hosted by MathWorks in Natick, MA!

Over the five day workshop, teams will participate in multi-track training featuring competition sponsors General Motors, MathWorks, dSPACEA123 SystemsFreescaleVectorSiemensCD-adapcoMagna Powertrain and more.

“MathWorks is pleased to host the EcoCAR 2 Fall Workshop at our headquarters in Natick, MA,” said Paul Smith, Director of Consulting Services at MathWorks.  “It’s a great opportunity to have future engineers who will undoubtedly play a role in the advances of automotive technology on-site for hands-on training.  We look forward to an action packed week of learning and team-building activities!”

During the Fall Workshop, teams will receive an update on Year Two competition rules, upcoming deliverables and EcoCAR events for the coming year.  The teams will also have the opportunity to receive valuable and extensive training in donated software and components from competition-level sponsors.

In addition to the technical training and sessions, communications managers and business managers will each have a dedicated track in which they will learn about the communications and business deliverables for the year.  The communications managers will participate in media relations and video production training, while the business managers will focus on training involving project management and sponsor relations.

Teams will also have the opportunity to attend a Sponsor Social Networking and Recruiting event, a fun night at F1 Boston hosted by MathWorks, and a tour of Fenway Park and dinner in downtown Boston!

MathWorks would like to welcome everyone to Natick and hopes they enjoy their visit to the MathWorks headquarters!