What a great IDEA!

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s EcoEagles are excited to introduce a one-of-a-kind technology that they will be integrating into their vehicle.

The Intelligent Driver Efficiency Assistant, or IDEA, was originally a senior design project for the Computer & Software Engineering department and was proposed by Dr. Richard Stansbury as a capstone project which would complement ERAU’s EcoCAR team.

The software will incorporate all functionality from the original vehicle center stack (A/C, radio, etc) and provide a comprehensive Android-powered user experience for the driver and passengers with amenities such as a WiFi hotspot and phone/tablet apps.

IDEA ‘learns’ a driver’s driving habits and patterns including a driver’s typical routes. Using this information, IDEA can tailor the car to better suit individual driving habits and further decrease the energy requirement of the vehicle through route optimization.

IDEA uses artificial Intelligence to operate the vehicle in a much more efficient manner than the purely reaction-based control systems of normal cars. IDEA also takes into account the elevation and slope of the terrain, which allows for further optimization and energy reductions.

This software will not only increase fuel efficiency but will also increase consumer acceptability and performance.