What’s On My Desk? ERAU’s Dr. Patrick Currier Shares

ERAU_WhatOnMyDesk_Currier_6Patrick Currier is an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s Daytona Beach Campus. Although originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, he first attended Tennessee Technological University where he earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering, and then continued his education at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University where he completed his Master’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, with an emphasis in unmanned systems. Along with teaching full time, Dr. Currier is also in his third year as the faculty advisor for Embry-Riddle’s EcoCAR 3 team, the EcoEagles. In this edition of “What’s On My Desk,” Dr. Currier shares the stories and meanings behind six objects found around his office.


This is a photo of a friend of mine, Amy Elliott (Dr. Elliott now actually), who attended school with me both in Tennessee and Virginia. I asked her to sign this photo after she received her Doctorate after she became a minor celebrity on a few TV shows.


This is a trophy I was awarded for EcoCAR. I’m in my third year with EcoCAR and I received this award for “Outstanding Incoming Faculty Advisor” last year during EcoCAR.


A mousetrap-but not for mice! One of the projects I had my students work on this semester for Senior Design required the use of a mousetrap. The trap had to be made into a vehicle with the spring providing the source of power. Students got to race their designs at the end.


The engineer hat: I have this hat (so do others) because of a joke from a colleague of mine. These hats are supposed to let people know who the engineers are…no, I don’t actually wear it!


Despicable Me playing cards: I have these Minion cards because of a project I worked on here at ERAU as a part of our Robotics Association team. We built a 16-foot fully autonomous boat and named it Minion. Last year we got to take it to Singapore for the Maritime RobotX Challenge, where we placed fourth overall.


A unique computer mouse: I previously worked with Caterpillar for a couple of years; one of the places that we got to perform tests was Tucson.

ERAU_WhatOnMyDesk_Mouse_7Written By: Alli Ulrich