Where Are They Now: FutureCar’s Kevin Storch

Former Advanced Vehicle Technology Competitions (AVTCs) student, Kevin Storch, has come a long way since his time as a FutureCar student at the University of Michigan (U of M).

When Kevin was a student at U of M, he saw involvement in AVTCs as an opportunity to gain experience that would set him apart from other jobseekers after graduation. “My experience in FutureCar was really good. It was a great thing to have on my resume. While going through job interviews with OEMs, it was something to speak to and it definitely helped me land my full-time job,” he said.

Today, Kevin works as an engine software controls engineer for General Motors (GM) where he focuses on many projects that are entirely new.

“Almost everything we do is new. There’s a lot of new technology and sometimes we’re the first ones to be doing a certain project. It’s very challenging work, but it’s also exciting,” said Kevin. “I really enjoy the process of putting new powertrains into production. These advancements allow us to create great products for our customers.”

Kevin said AVTCs have changed since he was a team member, particularly in the level of support provided by OEMs. “We didn’t have a mentor like they do now, so having a person from the OEM actively involved and always there to answer questions I think is a huge help.” Kevin was able to mentor Cal State-Los Angeles’ during EcoCAR 2 as well as Texas Tech in EcoCAR 1.

One of the most memorable moments from his time as a student participating in FutureCAR was when his team finished the car and drove it around U of M’s campus. “That was a huge deal for us,” said Kevin. “After months and months of working on it, we were finally able to go for a ride in it.”

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