Where Are They Now: HEV Challenge’s Greg Fritz

California State University (CSU) alumnus Greg Fritz competed for two years in the HEV Challenge competition, holding the positions of Packaging Team Manager (1994) and Co-Director (1995). Among his favorite moments, Greg recalls the time the team installed the GM Ovonic NiHM battery pack into its vehicle.

After graduating from CSU with a degree in mechanical engineering and manufacturing, Greg landed a job with Ovonic Battery Company as an applications engineer, working on electric vehicle batteries and designs. His experience in the HEV Challenge proved valuable in his new role.

“I have worked on battery packs and EV/HEVs ever since graduating, including dozens of prototype and production vehicles from electric bicycles to all electric buses,” he said. “Working on a student competition while in school taught me many things about teamwork and hands-on engineering, program management and leadership.”

Greg went on to spend time at Hitachi Automotive Products, Magna E-Car Systems and AVL North America.  He currently serves as Manager of Automotive Battery Programs at Better Place LLC, leading battery technical and business operations for North America.

Greg said the knowledge and skills he learned during his time with the HEV Challenge have helped him forge his career path.

“Getting involved in student competitions and professional societies teaches you many things that you don’t get from the curriculum, and I highly recommend it,” he said. “Nine times out of ten, I would hire a new recruit who had participated in such an event over a person who did not.”

When Greg isn’t hard at work with batteries, he is hard at work being a dad. He loves spending time with his three children, coaching their soccer teams and leading their Cub Scout troops.