Where Are They Now: University of Maryland’s Joshua Goldman

Joshua Goldman, a University of Maryland (UMD) alumnus, began his journey with Advanced Vehicle Technology Competitions (AVTCs) in 1997 on UMD’s FutureCar Challenge team as a controls engineer. He transitioned into the team leader role the following year, and went on to become an advisor for UMD’s FutureTruck’s 1st Place team in 2000.

Joshua studied mechanical engineering with a focus in automotive hybrid systems at UMD. He discovered AVTCs during a public outreach program the school provided for mechanical engineering students. One look and he was hooked. “I wanted to be involved with AVTCs because I’m both a gearhead and an eco-geek. This was a perfect marriage between these two passions of mine,” he said.

After college, Joshua became a mechanical integration engineer, working on the first prototype of General MotorsAllison Transmission hybrid buses. Joshua thanks the AVTCs for his career path, due to the people he met throughout the competition. He is currently a Sustainable Transportation Technologist.

“I work with transit agencies around the country and the world to apply different sustainable technologies, like electric buses, to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and operational costs,” he said.

Joshua’s connection to AVTCs has come full circle – he volunteered when EcoCAR 2 came to his backyard in San Diego, CA during the Year Two Competition. He helped EcoCAR 2 in many ways, including sharing his electric charging station to help teams charge their vehicles for a ride and drive event. “At EcoCAR 2, all of these cars have the capacity to plug in and use our nice, green, electricity in San Diego,” he said.

Joshua urges university students to look into extracurricular activities and projects. “AVTCs gave me the hands-on project I was looking for as a student to apply the theoretical and fundamental aspects of engineering I had learned in class,” he said.

He also suggests that other AVTC alumni network with the organizers of today’s competitions. “Find those old classmates of yours and rehash old times,” he said. “Five of my team members from Maryland live within 100 miles of San Diego, and we get together often.”

Watch Joshua talk about his AVTC experience during last year’s EcoCAR 2 competition: