Where Are They Now: Wayne State’s Jeffrey Dean Rednour

When it comes to birthing futuristic electronic technology, Wayne State University definitely has its finger on the pulse as it competes in EcoCAR 2. Providing a practical application platform for automotive technology has allowed Wayne State students the experience to be of value in the real world. A prime example is Wayne State’s graduate student Jeffery Dean Rednour, an Ypsilanti resident who served as an EcoCAR 2 Outreach Coordinator.

These days Jeffery works for the Clean Energy Coalition, an organization that serves as an ambassador for the Clean Cities Programs in Ann Arbor and Detroit. EcoCAR 2 networking opportunities enabled Jeffery to connect with the coalition. After working with Clean Cities through EcoCAR 2 Jeffrey secured an internship in the fall of 2012. “The experience and knowledge gained can be priceless, not to mention relationships you can build,” says Jeffery, referring to the EcoCAR 2 competition.

Jeffery is completing his master’s degree in public relations and organizational communication. According to Jeffery, EcoCAR 2 has assisted his understanding of this ever-changing field by providing him an opportunity to develop and execute communication in the real world. Networking with EcoCAR 2 professionals and sponsors has helped him throughout his career.

When asked about his overall thoughts on the EcoCAR 2 competition, Jeffery said, “I encourage all WSU students who are looking for an opportunity to enrich their educational experience with a practical and rewarding extracurricular activity that can pay off in many ways throughout their lifetime to seriously consider EcoCAR 2.”