Winter Workshop Training Preview: CD-adapco and A123 Systems

At this year’s Winter Workshop co-hosted by dSPACE, Inc. and Freescale in Austin, Texas, EcoCAR students and faculty advisors will get the chance to attend several days of software and hardware training sessions, including those led by competition-level sponsors CD-adapco and A123 Systems.

Attendees of CD-adapco’s training session will participate in hands-on STAR-CCM+ exercises for external aerodynamics and battery cooling.  For external aerodynamics, STAR-CCM+’s analysis capabilities – including best practices for models and mesh design, boundary conditions and solution control settings – will be presented.  For battery cooling, an introduction to conjugate heat transfer problems and an overview of STAR-CCM+’s Battery Simulation Module (BSM) will be discussed.

Teams will also hear presentations from Joe Salani and Brian Large of A123 Systems, including a brief course on Ground Fault Detection (GFD) that reviews why GFD is important, methods for GFDs and advice for troubleshooting Ground Faults. Teams will also learn about the Energy Storage System (ESS) deliverable for EcoCAR 2 and the process and outlines for design reviews.

CD-adapco and A123 Systems are just a few of the many competition-level sponsors that will be providing educational presentations and training for EcoCAR students at the  Winter Workshop in Austin, which runs from February 1-5, 2012. Other sponsors offering sessions include General Motors, dSPACE, Inc., Freescale, AVL, Siemens and Vector.