Wisconsin’s eMOOVE on display Rockwell Automation Headquarters

On Earth Day, the University of Wisconsin’s eMOOVE vehicle and six EcoCAR team members traveled to Milwaukee for an event at Rockwell Automation. Leaving Madison early in the morning, the team arrived in time to put the eMOOVE on a freight elevator and hoist it up to the eighth floor of the headquarters building.

Team Member Eric Wills shows off the 750cc Weber Engine under the eMOOVE’s hood

The vehicle was on display as part of an Earth Day show on green technology, and team members were on hand to answer questions posed by employees and management. The team also connected with the Clean Cities Coalition, which was at the event promoting green initiatives. The Wisconsin Team took pride in showing off their work, handed out pressure gauges, answered many questions, and checked out other booths centered around Earth Day and ‘going green’.  Each member of the team even took home their very own tree saplings to plant as part of the Earth Day celebration.

Advisor Glenn Bower and Team Member Eric Wills explain the eMOOVE’s Battery