WVU EcoCAR Team Prepares for Finals in the Classroom…and at Competition!

The West Virginia University EcoCAR team has been hard at work the last few weeks studying for semester finals and preparing their vehicle for the Year Two competition in Yuma, Arizona!

The team has been focused on installing its high voltage battery module. The module is an integral part of the vehicle because it will provide power to all high power systems. The high power systems include (but are not limited to) the steering, braking, fuel and exhaust systems of the vehicle. It is separate from the engine battery, which provides power mostly for systems on the vehicle’s dashboard.

West Virginia team members in the shop with DOE safety and technical inspector, Stephen Boyd

Engineering team leader, Brody Conklin, is confident in the team’s abilities to get everything done on time.

“I think we are right on schedule,” said Conklin. “The team is working hard day in and day out to get the car in top shape for the testing and inspections at Yuma.”

While many members of the team are working on installing parts in the vehicle, others are working on creating parts for the vehicle’s exhaust system which will allow for more eco-friendly emissions.

Seniors, Alan Kuskil and Adam Lupo, spent several hours drafting product designs for these parts.

“The exhaust system is one of the most important parts of the vehicle because its goal is to lower emissions,” said Kuskil. “ The issue right now is trying to create a system that improves the quality of emissions while maintaining the rest of the vehicle’s abilities.”

An inside look at the EcoCAR!

The team is eager to head to Yuma next month to show off their hard work!