WVU EcoCAR Team Receives SCR Catalyst from Specialty Chemical Company

Süd-Chemie AG, a global specialty chemical company, recently donated a crucial piece of technology to the West Virginia University EcoCAR team. 

Süd-Chemie’s manufacturing plant in Needham, Massachusetts, equipped the WVU team with a SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) catalyst, an effective technology to reduce the amount of NOx emissions in the vehicle’s diesel exhaust system.

WVU mechanical engineering students Alan Kuskil (left) and John Booton install the SCR catalyst into their EcoCAR.

The WVU team sent a request to Süd-Chemie because they wanted to work with a catalyst manufacturer that had a lot of experience. Alexander Guliaeff, Süd-Chemie North American technical sales engineer, responded and immediately contacted Süd-Chemie researchers in Germany and asked them to look at the WVU students’ design specifications.

“We asked our colleagues in Germany to manufacture the team’s catalyst because they develop more advanced catalysts for the European market and would be able to help us select the best one to meet the team’s needs,” said Guliaeff.

“We were thrilled when we received the catalyst,” said mechanical engineering student Alan Kuskil. “Süd-Chemie specifically designed it to fit our engine, so it’s a custom-made catalyst, not something you pick up off a shelf. It’s great that they gave us a brand new piece of technology that is going to be very beneficial for us as we head into competition finals.”

The WVU team now anticipates NOx reductions of more than 90 percent compared to running the engine without an SCR system!

Members of the WVU EcoCAR team pose with their vehicle and the SCR catalyst. (The team’s faculty adviser Dr. Scott Wayne is pictured far right).