WVU EcoCAR Team Returns from Boston With a Trophy!

The West Virginia University EcoCAR Team kicked off the Year 2 Competition by chalking up their first victory as the kevin-kappes-f1-boston1F1 Race Champs! Andrew Wiedrich led his team to victory by placing first out of nine schools in the Track Two Challenge at the Formula One in Boston.

“I was extremely excited that I won. Starting in eighth place out of nine schools I had my work cut out for me, but somehow I was able to sneak through to the front of the race,” said Wiedrich.

He added, “After the race I was so pumped up on adrenaline that I was shaking!”

The F1 race was just one of the many highlights of the Year 2 Fall Workshop for Wiedrich and his team members. f1-champOver the course of five days, the team attended several classes and training sessions provided by The MathWorks, Argonne National Laboratory, A123Systems and General Motors. The team found the classes to be extremely professional and absolutely critical for developing their ClearVue 2-Mode Hybrid Vehicle.

“I think the first place finish in the F1 race is just the beginning of a winning streak for WVU that will continue to the competition at the General Motors proving grounds in Yuma in the Spring of 2010,” said Wiedrich.