West Virginia University has been competing in advanced vehicle technology competitions since 1988, beginning with the Methanol Marathon. Now, with the experience of 26 AVTC's in its past, WVU has been chosen as one of the 16 universities to compete in the latest AVTC: EcoCAR 3. West Virginia University's EcoCAR 3 Team is made up of over 60 undergraduate, graduate, and Ph.D students majoring in all fields of engineering, communications, business, and even journalism! This exceptional group of students who come from several different states and countries, will be working together for the next four years to create a hybrid-electric Chevrolet Camaro that reduces environmental impact, while maintaining the performance expected from this iconic American car. WVU's EcoCAR 3 team will be using the latest cutting-edge technologies to produce the ultimate energy-efficient, high performance vehicle, while working together towards the competition's goals. EcoCAR 3 also gives WVU students the opportunity to experience an innovative team dynamic that will be invaluable in their future careers.




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Help us reach the EcoCAR 3 competition goals of creating a hybrid-electric Chevrolet Camaro that reduces emissions and minimizes the impact on our environment!

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