Year 4 Competition Events: Details Released!

We are getting even more excited for the Year 4 Competition, as details are set in place for many of the scheduled events!

SSThe annual Sponsor Social will be taking place on May 18th in Pomona, CA. This event honors the EcoCAR 3 competition sponsors and their continued generous support of the program. The evening will consist of a strolling dinner, sponsor displays, and networking. As always, students know to bring their resumes as they will have the chance to speak with sponsors about potential employment opportunities or internships. With thousands of students accepting positions with sponsors over the history of AVTCs, we know that the Sponsor Social will be a successful event.

HRSure to be a hit with EcoCAR students this year, leadership-level competition sponsor, PACCAR, will host an event for the teams at the National Hotrod Association Museum while in Pomona, CA. The museum’s mission is to preserve the history of motorsports on American culture, and our teams will see and learn about hotrods, racecars and speed records, and how the West Coast has played a part in that culture. We look forward to this PACCAR sponsored event!

ACSAfter seeing so many vehicles built for speed, the students may be especially motivated as they continue their judged vehicle events at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA for the Year 4 Competition Track Day. There, teams will be competing in consumer appeal, acceleration and braking, and a thrilling Autocross event. After the racetrack activities, teams will present to industry and government judges in six different categories and for several sponsored awards in Pomona. Teams will then preparing for the road rally, which will take the vehicles on public roads from Pomona to Los Angeles.

Click here to see an overview of the many events for the Year Four Competition and check back on the Green Garage Blog as we continue to release more details!