Year One Finals Welcome Night at Level 3

Photo Courtesy Level 3

What better way to welcome EcoCAR 2 teams to Los Angeles than with a welcome night at Level 3!

Level 3 is a sleek, upscale special event space in the Hollywood and Highlands Complex. Level 3 has hosted various special events including movie premier parties, celebrations, corporate receptions and more. It is home to a 3,000 square foot dance floor, a performance runway and three large video screens to display the team’s skit night videos!

Each year at Welcome Night, teams get to unwind and relax before the yearly competition events. Special to this year, teams have a chance to submit a ‘skit video’ to debut at Welcome Night! Since the competition is held in Los Angeles, the theme for Year One videos is “Entertainment,” and teams have the chance to win some cash for the first, second and third place videos.

Throughout the evening, EcoCAR 2 organizers will announce several pre-competition deliverable awards, including Best Design Reports, Best Facility Inspection and Best Winter Workshop Controller HIL Presentation.

So let’s welcome the EcoCAR 2 teams in style at Level 3 on Friday, May 18! For more updates on the Year One Competition, visit the EcoCAR 2 website and continue to check out the Green Garage Blog.