Year Three Autocross: One for the Record Books

Last night’s Autocross Event was one for the record books! For the first time in a long time, we had nearly every vehicle participate in the serpentine coned-course. In fact, going in to the Autocross event, the competition reached a major milestone: all 15 teams passed safety tech and on-road safety evaluation!

Year Three Competition photo on General Motor's Black Lake/VDTA

Year Three Competition photo on General Motor’s Black Lake/VDTA

The EcoCAR 2 students had a blast during the Autocross event. General Motors professional drivers were able to make three attempts through the course and beat the stock vehicle time of 66.640 seconds.

Wayne State beat the stock vehicle time with an impressive 66.041 seconds! Coming in close behind were Penn State, Virginia Tech, and the University of Victoria.

After the Autocross event, students were able to take ‘hot laps’ in various General Motors performance vehicles and even have a student driver attempt the Autocross course in their student vehicle. Ted Alley from the University of Victoria came within 5.42 seconds of their professional GM-driver time, winning him the “Best Autocross Fun Run” award. After the event, students had the chance to test drive various vehicles during the GM Driving Experience.

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