Year Three Competition Officially Begins!


It’s officially “Day 1” of the Year Three Competition! Teams have begun to arrive in Milford, Michigan throughout the day and check in for the competition, which will take place at General Motors Milford Proving Grounds and Washington, DC from June 1-12, 2014.

Starting tomorrow, teams will have the chance to prepare for safety tech inspection. Teams must pass these inspections, as well as several qualifying vehicle testing events, in order to compete in the dynamic vehicle events this week. The students will then head to Washington, DC to present to industry and professional judges on their technical, business, and communication activities from this past year.

But before safety tech inspections start in the morning, EcoCAR 2 teams will enjoy some fun at tonight’s Welcome Night at Lucky Strike Novi in Novi, Michigan. Teams will get a chance to blow off some steam while playing arcade games and bowling. EcoCAR 2 organizers will also present on the proving ground safety procedures, as well as present several pre-competition deliverables to teams.

Best of luck to all of the teams throughout the next 10 days! Stay tuned to the Green Garage BlogFacebookTwitter, and EcoCAR 2 App for all of the latest updates of the Year Three Competition